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Responding in Real Time

We at Dr Cranney Family Medicine strive to be responsive to the community at large in providing services that are currently in demand. Being a smaller clinic we are able to quickly adapt and change our offerings to reflect the most current needs.

In addition to providing primary care services to our enrolled members, we have already expanded our services to include COVID19 vaccinations. We were able to do this at no charge to the individuals. Feedback has consistently been positive indicating that we have provided this service in an easy to access way. Further, the personable staff are able to answer questions along the way. We even talk through those that are afraid of needles and make the process as pleasant as we can make it.

Now in addition to the vaccination services we are able to start offering COVID PCR testing by nasal swab. We had noted that many members of the community (whether or not they are enrolled with Dr Cranney Family Medicine) were finding it difficult to access testing which is becoming necessary for travel and other circumstances. Again, we have responded and have made it possible to offer this testing. Our testing involves having the patient roll a swab around each side of the front of their nose while being observed by our staff to ensure the collection is adequate. If patients have symptoms at all, we have them remain in their vehicle to complete the testing. Our current turnaround times are 24-48 hours. These tests are offered at cash pricing of $125 each test. We are able to give each person an invoice which shows the price paid as well as the codes used for the testing. This enables each person to submit the bill to their insurance for processing and potential reimbursement. Of course we cannot make any claims regarding your individual insurance coverage but this gives the best chance of having the test 'covered' for you.

We realize that there is a lot of information out there about the services we are currently offering. Add to that recent mandates and arm twisting surrounding this and I can honestly say that there is an environment of healthy distrust and skepticism.

Without going into every study, data set, and expert opinion out there I'll give a summary of my current thoughts/opinion on this:

1) Vaccinations are not perfect but show statistically almost no serious side effects and very good protection.

2) Those side effects that are noted/verified are detailed out in the Fact Sheets available for every preparation and are available to review for individual decision making.

3) The decrease in lethality of the infections as a result of the vaccinations is shown repeatedly as is the same decrease in lethality for those that have had the infection and recovered.

4) For these reasons, I highly recommend any person who is eligible to please consider getting the vaccination.

5) I do not support mandates for vaccinations and feel that is the wrong way to encourage people to be vaccinated.

6) I do not divide people into "good" vaccinated individuals and "bad" unvaccinated individuals. I strive to treat everyone with equal empathy and care.

**Please realize that the above is not to give medical advice to the general public. You should always consult your personal physician for any individual treatment recommendations.**

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