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Local DPC Directory

We believe in the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model for its personalized and transparent healthcare approach. We recognize that not everyone can visit our clinic (unfortunately), so we've compiled a list of nearby DPC clinics to help you find a convenient and quality care option.

Dr. Baker

Baker Direct Primary Care

2207 N Molter Rd Suite 203

Liberty Lake



Dr. Prichard

Thread Health

624 W Hastings, Suite 11





Dr. Rietze

Lilac Direct Primary Care

316 W Boone Ave, Suite 770


(509) 408-1336


Dr. Dygert

Simplicity Direct Care

2020 E 29th Ave, Suite 110


(509) 779-8793



Dr. Medina

Medina Direct Family Medicine

400 S Jefferson St, Suite 109E


(509) 934-2210

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