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A New Year with New Services!

Here at Dr Cranney Family Medicine we have certainly enjoyed providing personalized, responsive primary care services for our patients throughout this last year! In addition we were able to administer 1,151 COVID vaccinations and boosters as well as start to provide both rapid antigen testing in the office and PCR testing as well for 68 visits.

Now as we start into 2022 we've decided to change it up a little.

First, the things that will stay the same:

Memberships at Dr Cranney Family Medicine are still going strong. We are now up to 160 members in our practice with the demand growing month over month. This is almost always generated through word of mouth from our current members (and we thank you!).

COVID19 testing will still be available while there is a need/demand for these services. This service is available to anyone whether a member of our practice or not. We have found that the entire cost for these tests will be covered by insurance so we're not even charging anything for the testing. The PCR testing that we offer has a 48 hour turnaround time typically. The in-office rapid Antigen testing takes only 15 minutes or less to run. You can go to to schedule.

Second, some things we will wind down:

COVID vaccinations/boosters. Although we have enjoyed being able to offer these services when desired, we have ordered our last supply of vaccinations. When we are finished with our current inventory, we'll stop offering vaccinations. We have Moderna as well as Johnson and Johnson vaccines in stock. I anticipate we'll have them available for the next 1-2 months.

And finally....the NEW services:

We've been excited to partner with The Brow Room. Cristie Proelss is the owner/master aesthetician and has been sub-leasing office space from me. As she provides excellent aesthetic services, I have considered how to expand what I can offer in our clinic. As such, I have started to offer treatments using products very similar to Botox. The two products I have in stock to use are Xeomin and Jeuveau. They provide excellent results when used on the upper face and are reasonably priced. I am in the process of updating my website and social media presence with additional information. In the mean time if you know of anyone who would like a consultation regarding the use of these products, let me know and I can schedule them a time to talk.

The last big news is we have purchased two new machines for our clinic. The Emsella machine will reside in our clinic while the Emsculpt Neo will make it's home in The Brow Room's now location on Regal starting 2/1/2022.

The Emsella is an FDA approved treatment for female urinary incontinence. It is a chair that essentially can stimulate the muscles of the pelvic floor so that the patient has assistance in strengthening those muscles. It is so easy as you simply sit on the chair and let the machine do the work for you. Both myself and my wife have tried out the chair already and I can say that I'm impressed. Although not currently FDA approved for other conditions, these sessions have been noted to improve overall issues with men and women.

The Emsculpt Neo is a device that uses muscle activation as well as radiofrequency treatments to sculpt and tone the body. The muscle activation builds and tones and the radiofrequency reduces the fat in the area treated. It is so effective that when used on the abdominal wall, it even reduces the visceral fat (that inside the belly)!

I'll be working on updating our website and social media to get more information out on this in the next few weeks. If you or anyone you know are interested in finding out more about this, just let me know by calling or texting our phone number at 509-673-7221.


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